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Our Story

After spending many years providing expert advice and guidance as business coaches and spending lots of time mentoring fledgling companies, The Business Plan Xpert realised that one of the major stumbling blocks to starting or expanding a business was how to convey ideas on paper. Many people could talk for hours about their business and how it can be successful, but when it comes to writing it all down, many people struggle but that’s where we can help.

Business advisors spend a lot of time working with clients focusing on their business plan which doesn’t leave much time to focus on other areas such as operations, finance or recruitment. So it was decided to develop a quick and easy solution to get your business off the ground and The Business Plan Xpert was born.

Our experience

We bring our extensive business knowledge and writing skills together to deliver one of the best business plan writing services in the UK. Our expert team have viewed in excess of 5000 business plans over the course of our careers so we have the knowledge and most importantly the skills required to formulate a winning business plan. Many of our plans have secured funding and we know how to tailor a business plan to suit its purpose; whether it’s for funding or for submission to an investor. Conversant with all elements of the business world, we are adept at finance and completing market research. What’s more, we have some of the best people in the industry working with us who want to share this knowledge and offer the highest quality business plan writing.

The Team

Our team consists of qualified, experienced business advisors who have supported thousands of small businesses to start up. Our team also run their own successful businesses.

Our Awards/Memberships

Each member of our team is qualified to SFEDI or NVQ Level 4 in Business Advice & Guidance and have more than 20 years combined experience.

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