Business Plans

Are you looking for help with writing a Business Plan to start a business, support growth, develop or secure funding?

We offer Bespoke Business Plans for new and established businesses throughout the UK.

Business Plan Writing Service

    • Fully functional business plans written from your business idea
    • We prepare all financial forecasts including Profit and Loss accounts and Sales and Projected cash flow forecasts
    • Additional business advice and support if needed

We provide a business plan writing service for start up and developing businesses. All Business Plans are prepared by qualified, experienced business consultants. We are also able to research available funding if you are looking to secure it.

The Process of Writing your Business Plans

1. Free Email Consultation
The email consultation will involve an informal discussion that allows us to learn more about your business idea, the stage you are currently at and the direction of your business plan. It is at this stage that we will advise of the fee you will be charged.

2. Business Plan Questionnaire
After establishing that we would both like to work together, we will send over an invoice for 50% of the agreed fee and a questionnaire via email for you to complete. Your response to this will be used to start work on a draft business plan. It is likely we will need more information from you throughout the process.

3. Completion of the Draft Business Plan
Dependant on the complexity of the business plan and any additional information we may need from you, it can take up to 2 weeks for the completion of the draft business plan. We will email you a draft business plan in either a Word or PDF document (typically 10 – 25 pages).

4. Business Plan Review
Once you have recieved your draft business plan via email you may review it thoroughly and email us back with any requirements or amendments. We will then invoice you for the outstanding balance and send your completed plan back to you by email (or hard copy if requested)


Our initial advice and support by email is FREE. If you then decide that you need our business plan writing service, our package fees start from £99 for a bespoke one year plan which is much more competitive compared with other providers. Fees will increase dependant on a variety of factors, such as the amount of information already provided, the complexity of your business and the financial forecasts.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Business Plan Writing Service

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